ACORN Patrol


Classic Camping is the use of tools, techniques, and traditions in the style of the Golden Age of Camping (ca. 1880 – 1930).

A time when the most innovative urges of the Industrial Revolution were featured front-and-center against the backdrop of a vanishing frontier.  It’s about a world in which both Henry Ford and Daniel Boone had something to contribute to the outdoorsman’s pursuits.

It’s about the senses… the smell of wood smoke and paraffin lamps… the taste of honest grub cooked over an open fire…  the feel of sharp-edged tools, snug knots and crisp air of morning… the sound of birdsong at sunrise or wood splitting at dusk.  And, let’s admit it, it’s about style… khaki riding breeches, broad-brimmed hats, soft wool shirts and well greased boots.

It’s about life… a very special kind of life…

a life under canvas.

Woodsmoke Camping Company is proud to be associated with the The Acorn Patrol Classic Camping Demonstration Team led by Steve Watts who wrote the piece above.

The Acorn Patrol continually practice, participate in workshops, conduct research by referring to literature from the masters of woodcraft, and apply their time and treasure to the preservation of the craft.  Unlike some other living history events, life in an Acorn Patrol camp celebrates life in the outdoors through leisure and recreation.

In conjunction with the other services offered through Woodsmoke Camping Company, we would be more than happy to coordinate an reenactment and/or educational program through your event. Please contact us for any questions and scheduling.

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